February 28, 2024

African-Crops Polyculture

by Tessa Desmond in Projects, Uncategorized

African-Crops display by Ujamaa Cooperative Farming Alliance at the Variety Showcase hosted by the Culinary Breeding Network in Oct 2023.  Photo by Tessa Lowinske Desmond.

African-Crops Polyculture Study

African-Crops Polyculture Study 

Faculty Lead: Tessa Lowinske Desmond

Collaborating Partners: Experimental Farm Network, Ujamaa Cooperative Farming Alliance, The Utopian Seed Project

This project will study the plant mutualisms at work in polyculture plantings of African-origin crops including okra, sorghum, melons, African peas, and various herbs.  A selection of these crops will be planted in varying configurations across four quadrants and data will be collected about soil health, plant health, and productivity.  

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